Vegetarian Quesadilla

This is so filling and yummy and easy and quick. Try it out.


2 large flour tortillas

1 sweet potato

1 each mini red, orange, and yellow pepper

1/2 cup rinsed black beans

1/4 cup sweet corn

1 tablespoon butter

spices: cumin, garlic, onion

condiments: salsa and guac

To Make:

Dice your sweet potato into small cubes and boil until soft. Mash them up, but don’t add anything to them. Dice your peppers and throw into a cast iron (or non stick) skillet and sauté with a little olive oil. Throw in your black beans and corn and continue to sauté until everything is heated through. Season with cumin, garlic powder, and onion powder. To assemble spread your sweet potatoes on one side of your tortilla. Spread a spoonful (or two if you like it) of guac on top of the sweet potatoes. Spoon some of your corn/peppes/black beans mix on top and sprinkle (or dump, your preference) some cheese on top. We used a nacho cheese blend from Kroger, but feel free to use whatever cheese you like. Melt about a tablespoon of butter in your skillet and put your folded quesadilla in and heat for about 3 minutes each side on medium high heat. Serve with some more guac and some salsa.


I’ve been sadly lacking in cooking at home, and I have no excuse aside from being lazy. After being in a bathing suit over the 4th of July weekend, I decided I needed to get my stuff together and start cooking at home again, which means you should get at least 2 recipes a week! So..exciting for both of us! I tend to balance my macros throughout the day, so typically if you cook a breakfast I make, a lunch I make, and a dinner I make in the same week, it’ll be mostly balanced to 35% carbs, 35% fat, 30% protein. Hope you try this and enjoy it!

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