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Sweet Potato Tacos

One of my favorite one serving recipes!


1/2 sweet potato



spinach or kale

mozzarella cheese

2 corn tortillas


salsa of your choice

To Make:

Cut your sweet potato into thin rounds, then slice in half. Spray a skillet with cooking spray, and start cooking your potatoes on medium high heat. Cut your onion however you prefer, I prefer to dice it into small pieces, and throw that into the skillet with your potatoes. If you cut the potatoes thin enough, they will cook evenly with the onion and be finished when everything else is finished. Use either pre-sliced mushrooms, or slice some mushrooms yourself and throw those into the skillet as well. Season with garlic powder and cumin to your preference. When everything is cooked to your liking, throw in some spinach or kale, I normally use spinach but I had some kale this week so I used that instead, and let it wilt. Set aside this filling and keep warm. Spray a little more cooking spray onto the skillet and put down your corn tortilla, sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on there and let it get melty. Fill your corn tortilla with the filling, salsa, and more cheese if you want it. Serve with Spanish rice or refried beans or whatever you want on the side. Sometimes I have strawberries sprinkled with cinnamon with these and it's so complimentary.


Does anyone else sit and just listen to podcasts in their living room? I've found myself sitting in my chair in the living room just listening to true crime podcasts in the evenings far more than I find myself watching TV. Like T will walk into my house and I'm just chillin listening to something most people find pretty gruesome like it's not even happening. Sometimes I crochet when I'm listening, but most of the time I'm just relaxing and listening to these podcasts. I'm pretty sure that I could have existed when there was only radio and not really a lot of TV. Don't get me wrong, I love the technology that we have now, but lets just listen to people talk because it's fun.

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