Hi everyone! At the request of a friend, I decided to start a blog with the recipes for the pictures I post on my Instagram. Before I start any recipes though, I wanted to do a quick intro for anyone who doesn't really know me.

My name is Deanna and I'm from northern West Virginia. I enjoy cooking, crocheting, history, reading, singing, true crime, coffee, tea, and lots of other things. I always have music playing or my TV on for some background noise. I have a bachelor's degree in social sciences with a concentration in History, and a masters degree in healthcare administration. I work as a data analyst at a health insurance company.

Just for a break, here's a picture of my cat Henri, a big family picture (taken in 2015 so we're plus and minus a few), and me and my boyfriend, Travis (or I call him T).


I grew up cooking (and crocheting while the food was cooking) with my great-grandma, grandma, and mom and they taught me everything I know. I don't tend to measure spices (or really anything else) so most of my recipes will be able to be scaled to smaller portions or larger portions. My favorite saying is to measure until the ghosts of your ancestors tell you to stop, and so far it's worked for me. I'll try to always put some recommendations on measurements if you're one of those people that need a measurement, but truly, you know your own flavor preference and should trust your gut. I don't cook with salt, so you'll need to be your own judge on that.

I promise to always put a recipe before a story (I've always hated that) and if you want to read my story with it, cool, if not, also cool. That's all for now folks! I'll be sure to get some recipes up as I cook them! Thanks for visiting my page! :)

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