Grilled Pizza

T and I love making grilled pizza. It tastes literally so much better in my mind!


1 lb pizza dough


pizza toppings

To Make:

First thing you’ll need to do is warm your pizza stone. Alternatively, you can cover your grill plate with aluminum foil and warm it up a bit. The foil method doesn’t always produce the most crispy of crusts, but it’s still super yummy. You’ll want to roll out your dough to fit on the stone and preferably do this on a pizza peel or a flipped cookie sheet to make putting the pizza on the grill easier. T has perfected a homemade whole wheat pizza dough, so that’s what we use. You can also get a pre-made dough if that’s your preference. Top your pizza with your preferred sauce. We sometimes make our own, but frequently use the Kroger brand parlor style sauce and it’s equally as delicious. We use a cheese blend of 3/4 mozzarella and 1/4 Asiago cheeses. These are not necessarily measurements as they are ratios, so keep that in mind. Again, you can use whatever cheese you want. Top with your favorite toppings. We particularly like pepperoni and banana peppers, but we’ve also done veggie pizzas and lots of other things. Put on your stone or foiled grill plates, and grill until the crust is golden but still a bit fluffy and the cheese is completely melted. Do your best to keep the lid of the grill closed to keep the heat in. Serve with salad or just eat the pizza.


So I normally cook for T and I when we’re together, but he decided he wanted to cook for me the other day and this is what he came up with. I’m definitely not complaining because pizza is a way of life to me. I particularly love to grill my pizza and I absolutely adore when I can find a place that makes wood fired pizza. My dream one day is to have my own outdoor wood fire pizza ovens. It would be outstanding in my mind. I hope everyone tries this because it is so amazing!

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