Copycat Starbucks

Not gonna lie, I'm going to Chipotle for dinner tonight, and had leftovers for lunch. So here's a few copycat Starbucks things for ya!

Vanilla Sweet Cream

2:1 ratio of heavy whipping cream to milk (any milk will do, I use skim)

vanilla syrup (or sugar free vanilla syrup, you do you)

Mix together all ingredients and pour over cold brew, into hot coffee, into an iced coffee, you get the picture. For Sweet Cream Cold foam, use either a frother (I got mine from Amazon for $7) or put into a container with a lid and shake for a few minutes. Truly this can be made with any flavor syrup you would want. I've also made it with sugar free caramel and it was bomb. I make a big batch and keep in a jar and froth what I want in a separate cup depending on if I want foam or not.

White Chocolate Syrup

about a cup half and half

about 12 oz white chocolate chips

1 tbsp butter

Pour half and half into a pan and heat until simmering. Add white chocolate chips and let melt. Add butter, let melt, then let the syrup cool. Use what you want to get the flavor you want. I had some leftover white chocolate melts and they worked and it tasted fine, so use whatever white chocolate you have on hand. Use the amount you need for your flavor preference. For a white chocolate mocha I use 2 shots of espresso, steamed skim milk, and about 2 tbsp of syrup. I'm not a huge fan of sweet things, so this is a perfect ratio for me personally.

Cold Brew Coffee

1/2 cup ground coffee

about 60oz water

Pour water into a container, I use a pitcher I bought probably three years ago that looks very similar to a French press. Add the coffee and stir. Cover and let sit on the counter or in the fridge for 12-24 hours. If using a French press type pitcher, press the coffee grounds to the bottom and pour into separate container. If you don't have a French press, don't fear. You can do this in a regular pitcher, follow the same instructions using your container. When it's time, pour slowly into another container using a colander lined with cheese cloth (or a paper towel or even coffee filters, use what you have). This doesn't really make what I would consider a concentrate, I haven't felt the need to dilute it when I drink it and just drink it with my cream added and leave it at that.

Sorry there isn't a food recipe tonight. I'm working to be better about wasting food and frankly when you only need to feed one person it's hard to find a reason to cook on a daily basis if you know there's yummy leftovers hangin out in the fridge. I typically meal plan and grocery shop on Friday's, so I don't always cook dinner when I spend the evening running errands. I've got some, in my opinion, absolutely great recipes planned for dinner and lunch next week, so get ready!

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